[ELS] Interceptor Pack - Generic – Traffic Cars

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Happy New Year!

To start off the year Pursuit Mods have decided to release an old, dated, pack of ours that never reached sales. This was made some time ago and will not be updated. Please make sure to enjoy this free release. All the models include an interior, interior equipment, boot equipment and many other details.

Ripping, Redistributing or Selling these items is strictly prohibited.

With any praises, bugs or issues please contact us through our ticket system within our discord.


Setups: Pursuit Mods

Screenshots: Pursuit Mods - Wortan

Skins: NotSWorthy#5681

Base Models: British Gamer 88, Asquith, James Radley, State Zero Mods (with edits)

Lighting Equipment: CEO, Kane104, James Radley (with edits)

Boot Equipment: James Radley, Brendan, GTAPoliceMods, JoeC

Interior Equipment: JoeC

ANPR & MDT Dome: Double Doppler

(Any Missed  Credits, please contact us via Discord)

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2 weeks ago

x5 has some issues

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3 weeks ago

Very nice

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3 weeks ago

Very nice pack!! Thank you!!

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3 weeks ago

very sexy bms