[ELS] 2004 Scania 94D Rescue Pump

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Made this a while ago for a community that will remain unnamed, and was basically f**ked about so here, no longer exclusive to them, and now every man and his dog will have it.

It isn't the best thing I have ever made but it's more than good enough for a public release imho.


Cab - Triple999Photos

Rear/Lockers - Radley

Freedom - Radley

Tir6 500 Series - CJ24

Whelen 700 Series - HDgamerzPC

Skin - Myself (Tallboy.3)

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3 weeks ago

upload more trucks?

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RJN17 Replying to tallboy3
December 2021

Okay thanks

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tallboy3 Replying to RJN17
December 2021

there is no chance

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December 2021

Is there any chance you could make one with a rotor lightbar on the roof kind of like a old scottish fire truck.