Project London Remastered (WIP) [FiveM]

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Project London Remastered is a project that was created a month ago. With the suggestions of other people, me and our dev team have managed to create real-life London stores and a collection of vehicles in GTA V. A list is provided below.

Singleplayer version:

Currently included:

London Underground S8 Stock Metropolitan Line(WIP) (Will be added in 0.4),

Wimbledon South Western Railway Depot(WIP),

Harrow Bus Station(WIP), Store,

Shell Gas Station x2,

Pizza Hut Take-out,

RAF Northolt(WIP),

Costco Wholesale,

Boots Pharmacist,

Lloyds Pharmacy,

Rush Hair Salon,

BP Gas Station,

Police Stations,

Krispy Kremes,

Cash For Gold,

Rymans Store,

Pret A Manger,

Brick Housing,

Costa Coffee,

Lloyds bank,

My Dentist,




Kwik Fit,



Dev Team:

Script Developers: Steve Arnott and Kyle

Vehicle Textures: Notch Apple and Mega Mac

Building Textures: Crys, Steve Arnott, Kyle, Nobody!, Mega Mac, ViscidPrince2, Lightning8012, Deano, Bentley and Notch Apple

Server Manager: Tramter

FiveM Converter: Crys

Building Modelers: ViscidPrince2, Lightning8012, Bentley and Deano

London Underground Credits:

Model - TurboSquid

Converting - Dan Pease

Textures - Originally by TurboSquid retextured by Crys and Notch Apple

Join the discord to receive the vehicle pack.

Vehicle credits:

Double Doppler,





Modification information:

Modification should not be used in gta online.

Modifications should not be edited without the my permission

Some fivem servers are blacklisted and therefore can't be used in those servers.

I'm not responsible for:

Blocked accounts through this modification.

Damage caused by modifications.

Please put any bugs and more suggestions in the comments.

Please make sure to rate and leave feedback.

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