[ELS] Skoda Superb Estate 2021 - Generic

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Fictional 2021 Skoda Superb Estate

First release - This isn't exactly based off of anything in particular, just saw vehicles responding in London and thought I'd do something similar. Use it wherever you want. It's free so don't complain. To change the plate, simply just go into the texture file (.ytd) and edit the car_sign_1. If you want the template for whatever reason, its in the zip.

If you need help making this fivem ready, don't hesitate to ask.

Vehicle can be used for anything: police, fire, ambo whatever.


Model - BritishGamer88

Spitfire - JamesR

Ion - James R

ECCO ED5050 - Bradstr090

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last month

Cracking job on this!

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ooo very nice