BMW Unmarked Traffic Pack

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In the pack, there are 2 Unmarked cars;

BMW 3 Series F31 (BK67 EYH)

BMW 5 Series G31 (BL68 MNA)

They both have the same setups, which is 4x grill ions which all flash blue, and then 2 ion duo spitfires in the back window for blues and rear reds, and also has an RSG Command Messageboard, and of course the usual full boot kit and dashboard with equipment.

Might release a few more unmarked traffic cars with the same setup, not sure.


F31 base - Bleep

G31 base - Walshey

Ions - CEO

RSG Commander - Andrews

Boot equipment - Pease and MegaMac

MCS-T17, FlexiStalk, SRG3900 - Bradstr

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