[ELS] BMW x5 Unmarked - Fictional

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[ELS] BMW x5 Unmarked - Fictional 

Fictional BMW, don't cry about things not being correct. You do need to download if you don't want too. The whole vehicle isn't correct. (There is no boot equipment in this as I got bored towards the end)

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Base Model - JR

Wheels - TheCloser

Texture Edits - DodgyMods

Lights/ Equipment  - JR, CEO, Brad & Mixture of LSPDFR find. 

Do not redistribute the model files. This is a public release and I will not be providing support on this or editing this. 

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Doggyflop Replying to DodgyDave
November 2021

At least you have multiple options now.

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October 2021

is this the 200th version of this car that's been done now?