2018 Volkswagen Golf R 7.5 Unmarked Greater Manchester Police TVIU [ELS]

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Hi, This is an Unmarked GMP TVIU Golf R which was inspired by me. I really love VAG cars and I felt that there needed to be a high quality Golf R 7.5 in the GTA 5 community. I bring you a high quality vehicle which has all the bells and whistles such as a full HQ engine bay and Interior along with an accurate and detailed exterior. This vehicle was Inspired from a real Golf R 7.5 unmarked that the GMP use In real life. 

This vehicle is not templated as of yet because it is supposed to be unmarked

Feel free to change the plate if you wish as there is a separate texture for both front and rear plates.

This vehicle can be used in a community server

If you have any problems or suggestions then feel free to contact me AMM88R#9369 or join my discord https://discord.gg/rbTVMn3xdj

If you wish for another setup please contact me.

Please do not rip, steal or resell this as your own, thank you


Base model: Turbosquid (Bought by AMM88R)

Conversion: Ahmeda1999 & AMM88R

Setup: AMM88R

Ions and spitfires: Radley

RSG Diablos: Bradstr090

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AMM88R Replying to Edwardb121
October 2021

Use FBI handling

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October 2021

Did you use your own handling file or a handling line already existing? I can't get it to sit still on the road