TeamSpeak3 Sepura SC20 Sound Pack [V3]

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> This Mod Is The TeamSpeak3 Sepura SC20 Sound Pack.

> No Bugs.

> Features Connected, Disconnected, Channel Switched, Mic Clicks On & Off and Whisper Notify.

> Installation Instructions Are In The Information.txt.

> Made By: Jonesey's Mods.

> Please Do Not Re-Upload Under Any Means Necessary.

> This pack is a modification for TeamSpeak, It adds a new additional sound pack to your TeamSpeak for further realism in regards to how it sounds, This may be updated in future. I have decided to release it now due to little interest to purchase it and due to GTA5MODS not allowing TeamSpeak modifications as far as i'm aware i am uploading them here first on Union Mods. This may be uploaded at other sites later on.

> V3 - Updated "You were moved" for CAD/MDT integrations that automatically move you to the channels. So now you will here the channel switched sound.

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