[SKIN] Ford Focus Estate MoD Police - ARV

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Ministry of Defence Ford Focus Estate - found usally in westminster and easily spotted at Horse Guards parade.

Mod replaces the window texture and body texture of the below model:


Do not reupload without my permission.

DM me if you want to use this for a community.

If you use for a video please give me some kind of credit. I'd apreciate it.

sineater#5087 | https://discord.gg/9dPBe4S5vz

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ScottyMODpolice Replying to GTOMO
July 2022

and only MDP one lol

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October 2021

You're aware MoD use Ford S-Max?

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tallboy3 Replying to GTOMO
October 2021

only available ;)

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October 2021

amazing 10/10 skin best available