2019 West Mercia Police Vauxhall Astra Mk7 Estate

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This is a West Mercia Police 2019 Astra Mk7 Estate.

This was originally intended for Project Shrops, but then decided against using it and instead of the model sitting there doing nothing, decided to release it.
It isn't perfect; the lightbar mounts need editing amongst a handful of other things.

May possibly release an updated//fixed version, but dont count on it.

Any issues let me know by DMing me on my Discord (Tallboy.3#4473).

Feel free to use this in your community.


Base - Asquith (with a few minor edits from myself)

Lightbar - Radley's base and a handful of bits from Adrian's

Ions - CEO

Boot Equipment - MegaMac and Radley

Skin - JackC with a few minor edits from myself (with permission)

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tallboy3 Replying to freedomliberty65
October 2021

dunno tbf fat bastard broke the plate

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September 2021

Why's that officer rubbing himself against the car?