[ELS] 2019-2020 Metropolitan Police Vauxhall Astra MK7 Marked Pack

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This pack contains each marked variant of the Vauxhall Astra MK7 which is used as an IRV by the Metropolitan Police Service


19 Plate with PH Soverign

19 Plate with Whelen Justice

69 Plate with Highgrade battenburg, Whelen Spitfire and a whelen justice

20 Plate with a whelen justice


Detailed Interior

Working dials

Working mirrors

Accurate equipment

Working alley lights

Reflective Livery

Hands fit on steering wheel


Squir Astra Model Purchase - Bleep

Lowering/Fixes: SGM

Model Textures: ObsidianGames/SGM

Model Conversion to V: SGM

Model Templating: SGM

Interior - Blighty3D

Alloys - Walshey

light controller, keyboard, radio mic, Panasonic Toughbook - Blighty3D

coffee cup - R*

Whelen Ions - CEO

Whelen Justice - ObsidianGames

Premier Hazard Sovereign - Obsidian Games

Kitbag - Rockstar

Burnskit and evidence bags - Dan Peas

Defib, Firstaid Kit, tape, corrosive kit - A.Barker

MDT Dome and antennas - Kieran Chandler

Sepura Radio - Bradstr

Platelights - CEO

Partition - Blighty3D

Air freshener - BlueGhost

Radio and microphone - Blighty3D

Skin - GBull

Window textures - Blighty3D

Big thanks to Dan from SZ for the help fixing the dials!!

If you want to release a skin that is fine! please do not release this model with it. Do Not Redistribute, Rip, re-convert or convert to another game without my permission!

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How can i contact you? If you can please DM me on Discord, I need to take permissions iSky#6999

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November 2021

The QR code qives a rick roll link, fucking ridiculous, 0 stars, wouldn't recommend, left me traumatized

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September 2021