[ELS] 2018 BMW 3 Series F31 Pack [V1.1]

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The days of just a grey interior are slowly becoming the past, in this pack, it contains a BMW 3 Series F31 with substantial detail on the interior for a fully immersive first-person experience.

Pack Contents:

Marked Variant

Unmarked Variant

Civilian Variant


Arkviz F31 Model Purchase - Bleep

Lowering/Fixes: Blighty3D

Model Textures: ObsidianGames/Blighty3D

Model Conversion to V: Blighty3D

Model Templating: Blighty3D

Alloys - Blighty3D

light controller, glass hammer, satnav - Blighty3D

Toughbook - Blighty3D

Sepura PTT - Bradstr090

Whelen Ions - Bradstr090

Whelen Liberty - State Zero/Peas

Boot equipment - State Zero/Peas 

MDT Dome and antennas - Kieran Chandler/ObsidianGames

Vertex - Blighty3D

Platelights - ObsidianGames

Partition - Blighty3D

Airfreshner - BlueGhost

Radio and microphone - Blighty3D

ANPR Cameras - State Zero/Dan Peas

Lighbar Mount - Blighty3D

Tablet Keyboard - Blighty3D

Cleartone Speed - Blighty3D

Matrix Controller - Blighty3D

Petards - Blighty3D

Petards Texture - KingLuigi

Satnav - Blighty3D

Motorola MXP600 - State Zero/Dan Peas

Towbar - Kieran Chandler

Ion Mounts - Blighty3D

Dashcam - Magictrickzz

Skin - Bran Strafford

Window textures - Blighty3D

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September 2021

update pushed!

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GamingOliver Replying to Blighty3D
September 2021

Thanks ya bloody legend

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September 2021

For people having an issue with the unmarked i will be pushing an update shortly

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Tomski1536 Replying to xKeZZo
September 2021

Same Here to

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GamingOliver Replying to xKeZZo
September 2021

Same here been having my game crash - only with the unmarked version tho

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September 2021

My game is crashing :(

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September 2021

these look nicee, an x5 pack to match these would be great nice to see you uploading stuff again