[ELS] Volvo V90 Unmarked - Generic

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This free release contains a generic setup of an Unmarked Volvo V90. You must use ELS for this model to work in your game.

- Scratch Made Model: The_Closer
- Model Textures: The_Closer
- Rims: RaddzModding
- Converted to GTA5: BritishGamer88
- Templated: BritishGamer88
- Whelen ION: CEO
- Buttonblasts: OfficerFive0
- Boot Equipment: Dan Pease
- Setup: EJ Services
- Screenshots: EJ Early Access members

If any credits are wrong and/or missing please let us know.

You must not use this model on a FiveM Server or Roleplay Community without prior permission being given. You can obtain this by filling out this form.

This file any other contents included must not be re-uploaded to any other site.

The installation guide is included in the ReadMe file.

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August 2021

If you join my Discord Server and open a ticket you can let me know what you would like in a bit more detail. @somerandoinhevhjhyjkjuhgf - https://discord.gg/eQcEfPb

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August 2021

@EliteJaguar Can You Make A Skoda Superb And Template i would like to make a Taxi livery for one?