[ELS] Marked BMW 530i - MET Police - Traffic

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[ELS] Marked BMW 530i - MET Police - Traffic

Here's another one. Again this is not correct to the MET spec but is nearly there. Hey'ho. If you're gonna cry about then don't download it. Well aware the skin needs work doing to it. 

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Base Model - Washley

Lightbar - Somewhere from LSPDFR

Lights/ Equipment  - CEO, JR, Washley & Brad

Boot - Pease with edits. 


Do not redistribute the model files. This is a public release and I will not be providing support on this or editing this. 

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DoggonePuppy223 Replying to DodgyMods
last month

Hiya mate, I was wondering if I would be able to use your models for some scenery work in another game. I create the packs for Air Ambulance scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please let me know via discord so we can have a chat. My username is: CHECKMATE#8953

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lockwoos2025 Replying to DodgyMods
September 2021

or make a west yorkshire oiv fleet plz i hope u can do it

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DodgyMods Replying to Zqinnn
September 2021

Sadly we have no current plans to complete a West Yorkshire fleet.

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August 2021

Please can u make a west yorkshire one ?