National Express - Salvador Caetano Levante - Volvo B9R - Coach

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This a National Express Caetano Levante Volvo B9R Coach Manufactured by Salvador Caetano and Volvo.


- Detailed Interior(Rear flooring is untextured)

- Functional rear seats

- Optimisation for low impact on game performance 

- FiveM Replace

- SinglePlayer Replace

Model - OMSI 2 - AD156

Model Converted - Dan Pease

Skin - NotchApple

Screenshots - Tramter

This is part of the Project London Remastered Pack on my page.

Modification information:

Modification should not be used in GTA online.

Modifications should not be edited without my permission.

Reskins are allowed, only upload the texture files.

I'm not responsible for:

Blocked accounts through this modification.

Damage caused by modifications.

Please put any bugs in the comments.

Installation instructions are in the file.

Please make sure to rate and leave feedback.

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August 2021

shame it teleports you in rather than entering normally. Other than that it's an awesome model

Image Description
August 2021

Errrr why have you released this without the fixes?

Image Description
August 2021

nope i fully redid it so its higher quality

Image Description
August 2021

Notch I swear the livery is from OMSI?

Image Description
August 2021