TFL - London - Alexander Dennis - Enviro 200 MMC 8.9M - Bus

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This a TFL London Enviro 200MMC Bus Manufactured by Alexander Dennis.


- Detailed Interior

- Functional rear seats

- FiveM Replace

- SinglePlayer Replace

Model - OMSI 2 - V3D

Model Converted - BrendanI

Screenshots - Hopzy

This is part of the Project London Remastered Pack on my page.

Modification information:

Modification should not be used in GTA online.

Modifications should not be edited without my permission.

Reskins are allowed, only upload the texture files.

I'm not responsible for:

Blocked accounts through this modification.

Damage caused by modifications.

Please put any bugs in the comments.

Installation instructions are in the file.

Please make sure to rate and leave feedback.

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ProjectLondonRemastered Replying to AJ860
August 2021

For any other omsi ports i do, this issue will be fixed

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ProjectLondonRemastered Replying to InThePlums
August 2021

We have a gemini and the longer dual door version of the 200mmc planned.

Image Description
ProjectLondonRemastered Replying to somerandoinhevhjhyjkjuhgf
August 2021

Gemini is planned

Image Description
August 2021

How tf is the bus 89m.. thats fucking massive mate

Image Description
August 2021

i wold love to see a Enviro 400! or a Gemeni 1

Image Description
August 2021

Very nice, looking forward to seeing other Omsi 2 ports

Image Description
August 2021

Shame the template for the model is flipped/backward. rather awkward to change the livery. But great model

Image Description
August 2021


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August 2021

Nice One!!!