[ELS] 2020 Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue

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Fictional 2020 Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue

- I'm aware of the issue with part of the roof rack missing, this will be fixed in  an update as soon as the website has the feature. -

Showcase Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clRwoGVYQmU

TEMPLATE - https://imgur.com/a/lvWW93f


Model - DanPease / StateZeroMods - https://store.state-zero.com/
RSG Diablo 4 Way - Bradstr090
Whelen Vertex - Bradstr090
Whelen Ion's - CEO
Roof Rack / Spinal Board / Checker Plate Box / Lightbar - Bradstr090
Antenna - Raptor2000
Wheels - Rockstar w/ edits by Bradstr090
Boot Divider - JamesR
Iphone / Mount - BillyJMods
Woodway Opti-Link - Bradstr090
Sepura SRH3900 - Bradstr090
Gloves - Bradstr090
Boot Bag / Case - DanP
Boot Duffle Bags - JamesR
Large Red Bag - Bradstr090
Skin - Bradstr090
ELS VCF - ObsidianGames

You may use this vehicle in clans and FiveM servers if you wish to do so
Missed credits or issues? Message me on discord - Bradstr090#5363
Visit my shoppy - shoppy.gg/@Bradstr090

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Bradstr090 Replying to XStreamFBGaming
August 2021

I used the BALLER2 handling line and it worked fine.

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August 2021

Hello, could this come with some data files cause I just can get this to stop tipping

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August 2021

If You Go Into Carvariations.meta You Can Permanently Disable The Tint

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July 2021

You can use it in any slot you want just re-name the files. The blacked out windows is a GTA bug, you will have to manually change the window tint in a trainer menu each time you spawn it. Handling wise I would recommend BALLER2. Not really sure about the livery problem tbh. If you still need help message me on discord - Bradstr090#5363 .

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July 2021

Hi Brad, what vehicle would you recommend this to be based on? I copied the meta files from a vanilla model but struggling with blacked out windows, poor handling & no livery

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July 2021

Sure is - https://imgur.com/a/lvWW93f

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July 2021

Love this! Is there a template?