[ELS] 2020 Kent Police Astra Pack

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[ELS] 2020 Kent Police Astra Pack

Credits - 

 Base Model - Bleep999

 New Grille - Squir

 Lightbars - ObsidianGames and SteelyDan

 Side lighting - Nexon Workshops

 Skins - BenJDesigns / Nexon Workshops

Model conditions -
 When downloading this model you agreed to the following terms: When Releasing skins DO NOT release the model with it, Do not rip this model, Do not rip the skin, Do not re-convert or convert to another game, Do not redistribute the model files outside of Union Mods.

 If broken you will lose all rights to use this model will be issued. If you would like to use this car in a clan or community please contact JoeC#9857 or create a ticket in Nexon Workshop.

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Image Description
December 2021

make more kent cars

Image Description
June 2021

Killer release. We needed more Kent stuff