[ELS] Scania P270 Surrey Fire and Rescue Pump

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This is my take on the 2012 Scania Pump used extensively by Surrey Fire and Rescue.

Included in the download are the model files, an ELS file, the templates, and a readme. 


- ELS (incl. LED strobe lightbar)
- Detailed Exterior
- Detailed Locker Equipment (see pics)


Cab model: Tim, J.Radley

Wheels: J.Cremin

Modelling: H.Ash

Convert: H.Ash

Setup: H.Ash

Do join my Discord for more Surrey FRS models, and plenty of other stuff too! https://discord.gg/52Gp4CraWB

Hope you enjoy!



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September 2021

The ELS does not rotate is it supposed to be like that. Can it be fixed manually or could you recommend a ELS XML for it.