[UPDATE][ELS] Ford Kuga 2019 - PSNI - IRV

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Updated version of a previous upload!

This 2019 Ford Kuga is used by Neighbourhood Policing and Local Policing Teams within the Police Service of Northern Ireland.


Model: Teesside Modding – Horn
Model lowering/fixes: James Radley
Templated: James Radley
Rims modelled: James Radley
Whelen Justice: James Radley (edits by JCremin)
Buttonblasts: James Radley
Whelen IONs: James Walsh
Plate: Matthew / ObsidianGames
Boot Equipment: James Radley & C.Owens
ELS File: Matthew / ObsidianGames
Vehicle Skin: EliteJaguar Services
Window Textures: EliteJaguar Services
Vehicle Setup: EliteJaguar Services

If any credits are wrong please get in touch.

Installation Guide:
Drag and drop the files included in the “Model Files” folder to the latest patchday. Then drag and drop the ELS file included into your ELS/packdefault folder.
I recommend using Albo1125’s Modding DLC Pack V for an easier install.

You must not use this model on a FiveM Server or for a Roleplay Community without prior permission being given. You can obtain this by filling out this form.

This file and any other contents included must not be re-uploaded to any other sites.

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