[ELS] 2017 BMW 3 Series F31 - Police Scotland - Marked Traffic Car

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Hiya, Wee release for you all.

This is my first marked setup, So this wont be as accurate as others. 

If you have any feedback for this please leave it in the comments.


Model: Arkviz

Model Purchased: Adrian Kucinski + Tyler Kay

Model Lowered: Adrian Kucinski

Model Fixed: Adrian Kucinski

Model Converted: Adrian Kucinski

Setup + Skin: Myself

Defender Lightbar: Adrian Kucinski

Whelen Ions: CEO

Buttonblasts: Adrian Kucinski

Do not try and unlock/modify this file

Do not claim this as your own or post it on any other site.

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June 2021

Put the .yft and the .ytd files in the latest patchday, put the .xml in your els pack_default folder.

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June 2021

how do youm install