[ELS] 2020 Volvo XC90 - Police Scotland - Firearms Car

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This is one of the new Volvo Firearms cars being used by Police Scotland.


Detailed Light Modules and mounts

Detailed Interior

Hands on the wheel

Detailed Boot Equipment

4K Skin

Working Alley lights and Takedowns.

Full list of credits are in the readme file in the download.

(Do not rip/take and modify or mess with the skin/livery, if you want something else then make it from scratch please, also if you want to use this on a FiveM server I would appreciate a message first :)  )

Any Issues feel free to ping me a message on discord: Alex Irvine#0934

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July 2021

anyone got this with an NHS skin?

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June 2021

I saw it on monday! Such a nice car mate!!

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June 2021

looks so good is it possible to get the template for it,

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June 2021

Sexy once again!