[ELS] DAF LF - Royal Logistical Corps, Royal Navy, Army - Bomb Disposal

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This a UK British DAF LF Bomb Disposal Van Manufactured by DAF.


- Detailed Interior

- Walkable interior

- Functioning Ramp

- Optimisation for low impact on game performance 

- Detailed Lightbar

- Working ELS

- FiveM Add-on version

- SinglePlayer Replace Version

- Multi-livery (Livery #0 is Royal Logistic Corps Version, Livery #1 is Royal Navy Version, Livery #2 is Army Version)

Model - thecloser_

Model Edits - Notch Apple

Model Bought - StarDawg(The Resistance Life) https://discord.gg/yJq8RqjHWH, Notch Apple https://discord.gg/6wxeX2kyPp

Convert - James Radley
ECCO Blaze - Bradstr090

Texture's/Material's - James Radley, thecloser_, BenJDesigns, Notch Apple, Joe Cremin

Setup - Joe Cremin

Skins - Ben Janos

Screenshots - Joe Carty, Kai W, Notch Apple

This is part of the Project London Remastered Pack on my page.

Modification information:

Modification should not be used in GTA online.

Modifications should not be edited without my permission.

Reskins are allowed, only upload the texture files.

I'm not responsible for:

Blocked accounts through this modification.

Damage caused by modifications.

Please put any bugs in the comments.

Installation instructions are in the file.

Please make sure to rate and leave feedback.

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March 2022

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