Lancashire Constabulary Ford Transit Custom (ELS Pack)

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[ELS] Lancashire Constabulary Ford Transit Custom (Pack)


3D Model : Squir

Purchased : BritishGamer88

Lowered & Sorted : Raddz Modding

Dashboard : Raddz Modding

Templated : BritishGamer88

Materials & Textures : BritishGamer88

Converted to GTAIV : BritishGamer88

Converted to GTAV : BritishGamer88

2014 Facelift : Tim(The_Closer)

Skins : BritishGamer88

Lomax Lightbar : RaddzModding

Grill Lights - Unknown

Prison Cage : BritishGamer88

Ecco Lightbar - Asquith Edited by BritishGamer88

All 3 models are multiple liveries enabled and have 5 skins on each models!. 

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May 2022

Have you got template?

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July 2021

my light bar isnt working how do i fix