[ELS] Volvo XC60 2019 Unmarked ARV

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Err yeah so this is my first time uploading here it's a decent model few things I would have liked to have done differently but ELS and GTA limit stuff you can do so hey ho. Anyways includes a working slideout gun locker and stuff in the boot, everything but the tir3 are scaled correctly to exact real-life dimensions the only issue is the rear spitfires floating because I had already made the mount look dodgy enough and I am unaware if you are able to have 2 different sets of rear reds for ELS so blame ELS limitations for that, other than that there is nothing wrong really may want to check the handling line though but yeah enjoy.

Yeah I also have a cool Discord to join

If you want to use this in a FiveM server please do contact me on Discord beforehand to receive permission.


BritishGamer88 - Base Model

D.Pease - MDT, ARV Boot Equipment

Bradtr090 - Optilink

DWTV - Radio

Adrian K. - Lights

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September 2021

how can i contact you about getting permissions for your car as your discord link is invalid