[ELS] Kia Ceed 2019 - Fictional - Unmarked

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BC Modifications - Unmarked Kia Ceed 2019

FiveM ready


Ceed - BrendanI123

Spitfire - JRadley

Buttonblasts - AdrianK

Setup - Myself

ELS VCF - ObsidianGames

BC Modifications - https://discord.gg/Mk9mUAB3ng

[Terms Of Service]

- You are not allowed to resell and/or redistribute.

- By using this product, You can not hold us reliable for any damages or issues to/with your pc.

- All models are sold locked, You are not allowed to unlock them [RIP] / You are allowed to change the YTD.

- By using this product you agree you have read over these Terms Of Services.

This vehicle can be used in clans.

[Installation Instructions]

FiveM - Drag "Ceed" into your resource folder and add "ensure Ceed" to your server.cfg

add the ELS VCF to your ELS files

SP - You're on your own there, sorry

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October 2022

Hi, can I get a template for this?