[Standalone] Vehicle Control Menu (v1.1)

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Vehicle Control Menu:

Our system is really intuitive and currently contains the following features:

Vehicle SavingDriver/Passenger Window RollingAlarm System [WIP]Lock System [WIP]Door ControlsEngine toggle

Usage & Controls:

U - If pressed when inside a vehicle, vehicle will be saved to the player. If pressed again will toggle the menu.
P - If pressed when inside a vehicle, will toggle vehicle’s engine state (On/Off)


Place the vehiclecontrol folder into your resources directory.
Add start vehiclecontrol to your server.cfg

Compatibility Issues with RealisticVehicleFailure Resource

whilst use this resource along with RealisticVehicleFailure you will need to go into the RealisticVehicleFailure’s Config and set compatibilityMode = true. This should resolve the isses people have been having and allow the scripts to work alongside eachother.

This version is more optimized and should run a lot better within your server. please let me know if you find any issues with this version.


This script was originally created under BackToBasics Development studios. 

This is the property of Deacon's Mods.

Terms of Use:

 - This product may not be distributed under any circumstances.

 - This may not be uploaded to any site.

 - Deacon's Mods is not responsible for any damage which may occur as a result of using this products.

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