[ELS] Merseyside Police 2021 Kia Stinger County Lines Task Force

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ik this isnt 100% accurate probs about 95% but i was gonna keep this to myself but i thought id release it so enjoy if you have any questions join my discord and ask me there


Lightbar is floating abit not a huge issue

join for exclusive releases and some sneek peaks at new releases! https://discord.gg/EKdBAvpZw3


Model: XENON Mods

ION: James R / Bradstr090

Lightbar : JamesR

Skin : Dennis Skinner

Setup : Dennis Skinner

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DodgyDave Replying to BWMods
3 days ago

Are you sure it isn’t ‘Dodgy’ Dave Cameron infiltrating the Commons?

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BWMods Replying to DodgyDave
3 days ago

oh my friend its my friend who also is in the labour party batter than me

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3 days ago

Who is this ‘Dennis skinner’ fella eh?