Virgin London Air Ambulance MH65C

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Originally i made this for the server London FivePD, However, I have been blacklisted for outing a pedophile within their management ranks. So I have decided to allow anyone to download the livery. Anyone can use it for whatever server you would like, so long as you do not edit it without my permission. 

This is made for the - 

Once again thank you for downloading the livery, there will be more to be uploaded which I have made for London fivepd however this is the first I have uploaded or many.

If there is anything you would like to see please comment what it is or directly message me on discord!

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Thank you so much

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UnknownPerson Replying to Union Mods
2 weeks ago

This is false information. Please read the announcement in London fivepd correctly. You are thinking of E. Campbell. I am @Unknown_Person™#5166