[ELS] Ford Focus 2016 - Metropolitan Police - ERPT

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Ford Focus 2016 - Metropolitan Police - ERPT

Recently, we hosted a poll in our Discord. It asked if you guys wanted to see more fictional or force spec vehicles. The result was force spec! And here we are! This is our first force spec release. Contains basic interior, 4K skin and an accurate setup. Intended to be used in London-based roleplay communities. Feel free to use in any FiveM/SP servers. Enjoy!

- Claim as your own,
- Rip,
- Unlock,
- Upload it elsewhere

Base - James Radley
Premier Hazard Sovereign - BC Modifications (has since closed)
Cones - LCPDFR
Duffle Bags - Bradstr090 (with edits by VM)
Panasonic Toughbook - Lumix Designs (has since closed)
Light Control Panel - Lumix Designs (has since closed)
Skin - Valhalla Modifications
Setup - Valhalla Modifications

If there are any missed credits or issues with the model, contact us via Discord.

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2 weeks ago

in the third picture that police officer is going to space