[ELS] BMW 330d F31 2018 - Generic - Traffic

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BMW 330d F31 2018 - Generic - Traffic

This was originally a side project, but turned out pretty good.  This model isn't based off of any force, and is intended to be a traffic vehicle. Enjoy!

- Claim as your own,
- Rip,
- Unlock,
- Upload it elsewhere

Base - Exceed Development
Whelen ION - CEO
Woodway Window Shield - AED
Button Blasts - State Zero
Traffic Boot - State Zero
Stealth Plate - State Zero
Setup - Valhalla Modifications

If there are any missed credits or issues with the model, contact us via Discord.

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3 weeks ago

why does the gatso also flash along with the ELS lights? is the point of a gatso for it to be a static light?

Image Description
3 weeks ago

why is there a gatso in the bootlid?