[ELS] Ford Kuga 2014 - BTP - Response Car

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A Ford Kuga 2014 used within BTP that has since left service. The quality of the base model is not of the highest standard despite works to improve on this so it is an as seen standard however I have found that still works in game and doesn't look to out of place. Like I say though this is not amazing quality and would otherwise just sit on my hard drive so I have released it.
If you know what you are doing the front whites are set to extra_5 & 6 so these can be configured to flash at a different speed within your ELS config. I would also recommend a BALLER style handling config.

Model - AdrianK with edits

Lighting - Lightbar (Justice) from CEO

Lighting - XT3 lights from CJ24 with grommet mounts from Nexon Workshop

Anyone missing from the credits please do get in contact.

Please do not reupload, claim as your own, rip or do anything else unscrupulous with the model.

You are however totally free to use this on your FiveM servers or communities.

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